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  1. Travel by train in The Netherlands

    Category: Holland Information/Transportation in Holland

    ... (literally: "train that stops," a local train stops at all stations, and is mainly used for local traffic.) and "Intercities", that only stop at larger stations to provide a fast train connections throughout ... Friday, 17 December 2010
  2. The climate and Weather in Holland

    Category: Holland Information/Climate and Weather in Holland

    As every season has its attractions and the Dutch winters are seldom severe, it is well worth visiting Holland at any time of the year. Statistics show that rainfall in Holland is lowest between Febuary ... Friday, 17 December 2010
  3. Rembrandt van Ryn Dutch Master painter

    Category: Dutch Master painters/Portrait & figure painters of the 17th century

    ... He had a powerful way of striking universal truths through the human face, the turned head, bent body, or outstretched hand. His people have character, dignity, and a pervading feeling that they are the ... Friday, 17 December 2010
  4. The 17th century genre painters

    Category: Holland Attractions/Dutch Master painters

    ... wasted strength on the minutiae of dress, or table-cloth, or the texture of furniture without grasping the mass or color significance of the whole scene. There was infinite detail about his work, and that ... Friday, 17 December 2010
  5. Dutch portrait & figure painters of the 17th century

    Category: Holland Attractions/Dutch Master painters

    ... enthusiasm. They were quiet, conservative, dignified, painting civic guards and societies with a knowing brush and lively color, giving the truth of physiognomy, but not with that verve of the artist so ... Friday, 17 December 2010
  6. Museum De Lakenhal in Leiden

    Category: Holland Attractions/Museums in Holland

    Museum De Lakenhal is a municipal museum of fine arts in the city of Leiden, the Netherlands. The museum is located in an monumental building that was originally a cloth hall (lakenhal) – a guild hall ... Wednesday, 15 December 2010
  7. The city of Zwolle in Overijssel

    Category: Holland Cities/Province of Overijssel

    ... on the incline, the only piece of land that would remain dry during the frequent floodings of the four rivers.  ... Wednesday, 15 December 2010
  8. City of Leeuwarden

    Category: Holland Cities/Province of Friesland

    ... is the starting and finishing point for the famous Elfstedentocht, a 200 km-long speed skating race over the Frisian canals, rivers and waterways that is held when winter conditions in the province allow. ... Monday, 13 December 2010

    Category: Web Links / Joomla! Specific Links

    The language that Joomla! is developed in ... Wednesday, 07 July 2004
  10. MySQL

    Category: Web Links / Joomla! Specific Links

    The database that Joomla! uses ... Wednesday, 07 July 2004
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